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E-books, copyright, and law libraries


As you know, e-books are now all the rage, and as I discussed in my last post, there is lots to love about them. One question you may have, though: What is the connection of e-books to U.S. copyright law? Below are some resources to check out.

U.S. Copyright Office – The best place to start for any sort of copyright law information.

How Does Copyright Law Apply to E-books? – Primer developed by Pennsylvania State University.

E-book Publishing Copyright Issues – Guide for the self-published.

Has Copyright Law Met Its Match? – A glitch in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act restricting e-book access to the disabled. The American Law Library Association has now turned its attention to this subject.

Curious how e-books are being used in law libraries? Have a look at these resources.

Evaluating eBooks in Law Libraries

The Future of eBooks in Law Firms

Filling Digital Law Libraries: Will eBooks Win?

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