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TALL e-book available


Good news (I think)! The Accidental Law Librarian is now available as an e-book. See my publisher’s page for more details.

As a librarian, I am a bit rococo. When I first thought of switching to this career, I liked the description of librarians as information scientists, harnessing the world’s growing electronic power to connect people with knowledge. The real reason I became, a librarian, is because I love books. Always have.

As a law librarian, I have championed the use of books in legal research. I don’t advocate them to the exclusion of databases and the Internet because . . . well, you can’t. Research just wouldn’t get done in the 21st century if all a person used was books.

But books should not be forgotten. There are times when they get the job done better than any database. Browsing, for instance, is dreadful the electronic way, and there is no substitute for a back-of-the-book index (I’ll write more on this in a later post).

E-books are not quite databases. They function much the same as paper while being cheaper and easier to store. Plus I have gotten fond of Kindle singles–$3 or less–and free samples of full-length books. (My mother-in-law gave me a Kindle for Christmas last year. I had refused to buy one for myself, but my wife intuited from the way I talked about e-readers–more wonder than scorn, apparently–that I would like one. So she made it happen, which is one of the 4,263 reasons I love her.)

All of which is to say: Buy my e-book! Buy my regular book! Either can be read, but only one can function as a door stop. I’ll let you decide which.

Next post: E-books and U.S. copyright law

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