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to the companion site for this year’s hottest new book, The Accidental Law Librarian. This title does not mean that the librarians were accidents. Rather, it means their choice of library was.

Take me, for example. I graduated in 2000 from the University of South Carolina with an M.L.I.S. I applied for every library job east of the Navarro without even an interview. Widening my net, I applied for a job as a litigation assistant at a South Carolina law firm. I knew zilch about law, of course, but the ad said the job involved research, which I knew I could do.

I went in for an interview. Didn’t get the job. A few weeks later, the HR manager called me to say the firm’s library clerk had just resigned. Did I want to interview for that job? “Well,” I said, playing it coy, “I’ll answer this way: I LOVE YOU, MAN!” A month later, I was an accidental law librarian.

Many of my colleagues have similar stories. Law is a complex field, with weird rites and impenetrable jargon, and I wish I had had a primer on law librarianship to help me get started. Today’s new law librarians undoubtedly feel the same way. The Accidental Law Librarian is that primer.

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